Meet The Team

Between us, we have clocked up time working on the biggest radio stations, the biggest TV shows and the biggest live events in Europe. We’ve worked with and managed some of the biggest stars on the planet. We’ve developed and delivered commercial briefs and gone the extra mile to keep clients happy. We’ve worked to high intensity deadlines and patiently crafted content over a long period of time. From consumers to commercial clients, we know audiences… and know content. But I suppose we would say that – have a look for yourself…

Darryl Morris


“One day, Darryl will realise that talking will never earn him a living” – Mrs Lewis, year 4. Oh really, Mrs Lewis? Darryl Morris has made his name as host of some of the biggest radio shows in the country – from interviewing popstars to holding politicians to account. In 2017, he won two Radio Academy Awards for his tireless coverage of the Manchester bomb.

If he can bring himself to stop talking for long enough, Darryl has a go at writing for people like the guardian, Grazia magazine and the Lancashire Evening Post up north. He regularly pops up on Sky News to bother Kay Burley with his two-penneth and was once the face of the Chicago Town Pizza adverts on TV. His production credits include the BBC World Service, where he pretended to know what was happening in Nigerian athletics to produce their daily sports programmes.

When he isn’t busy in the hive, you’ll find Darryl chewing the fat on talkRADIO and the BBC. Mrs Lewis doesn’t listen – “I’ve heard quite enough, thanks“

Joe Thomas


Joe Thomas has been in the audio game for so long, it was a handwritten letter to his local radio station that first got his foot in the door. Yes, a handwritten letter. Probably on papyrus or whatever they used back then. The best part of two decades on, he’s forged a career spanning live studios, making genre-defining radio imaging then becoming European Radio’s youngest content director at JACKfm, producing some of the country’s biggest talent like Christian O’Connell and Jason Manford at Absolute Radio and now as Head of Production for the largest network of radio stations in the UK, Hits Radio Brand Networks.

<sfx – paper shuffle> …and it says here not to forget to mention the three Gold, three Silver and three Bronze Sony Radio Academy Awards, the three New York Radio Awards, a mum’s mantlepiece-worth of Commercial Radio nods as well as him being recognised as one of The Radio Academy’s 30-Under-30. So, there.

Content, branding and talent; that’s what Joe does. Oh, and writing geeky letters when his school mates were out playing footy.

Michaela Anderson


Michaela Anderson had always wanted to be a vet, but it turned out she wasn’t great with blood and guts. Before she could embark on a career of fainting into the arms of pet owners, she decided to turn her steady hand to editing TV programmes instead.

Before moving into television, Michaela worked as head of Sales and Promotions for one of Bauer Media’s flagship radio stations – working with clients to develop and deliver creative ideas and bring them to life on the radio, online and on stage.

Eventually, the bell of the Rovers Return called and Michaela went running. She now spends her days trying not to trip over the cobbles on the way to Coronation Street’s post production department, where she works as a Senior Assistant Editor on the world famous soap. Other ITV credits include editing the daytime behemoth Judge Rinder.

The animal kingdom, the television industry and Into the Hive are all thankful for her eventual career choice.